Frequency of Car Accidents

As the economy improves, the standards of living of the people improve as well.  People buy big homes and buy luxurious cars.  Today, there are as many cars in the world as people.  It is good that the standard of living of the people has improved a great deal, but this has a darker side.  As more and more people are buying cars, the numbers of road accidents are also on the rise.  It has been estimated that the number of people who died in last year due to car accidents is far more than the number of people died due to natural causes.  With the increasing number of cars on the road, road safety has become a serious issue.

Every state follows its own set of rules to keep its roads free from accidents.  Having the rules is another thing and to make citizens follow the rules is another.  If everyone followed the rules properly then there would have been no road accidents.  Some of the main causes of road accidents are reckless driving, drinking and driving, using mobile phone during driving, bad condition of roads, and poor weather conditions.

Speeding and reckless driving is not an uncommon scenario.  Many maniacs like to show off their driving skills buy disobeying the traffic rules and challenging the cops.  They are oblivious of the fact that by driving recklessly and disobeying the traffic rules they are not only putting their life on the line, but also the life of many innocent people.  Reckless driving should be stopped.  Drive while talking over a mobile phone cause lapse of concentration of the driver and thus cooks a recipe for disaster.  Drinking and driving is perhaps the most deadly combination.  Around the world thousands of people die due to drunk drivers.  While under the influence of alcohol, people drive and put their life as well as the life of innocent people on the line.  Drunk driving takes more lives around the world than cancer does.

Government must be strict enough to ensure that every one follows traffic rules.  They must take serious steps to stop reckless driving because reckless driving not only put the lives of the drive on the line but also the life of innocent citizens.  Government must built good roads to avoid road accidents due to poor road conditions.  The roads must be well lit up so that in bad weather drivers does not have visibility problems.  Following traffic rules will not only reduce the number of deaths caused due to road accidents but also smooth out the traffic.  If everyone follows traffic rules the roads would not be too congested and every one will reach their destinations on time.  The government has to introduce strict rules to avoid road accidents as that will not only make our road safer but it will also ensures that we will have smoother traffic.

There are some web based tutorials that provide excellent lessons on driving and traffic rules.  These are extremely helpful in learning defensive driving.

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